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Editors’ Letter: 

Growth doesn’t happen over one night, but over many.

Layali Webzine, or many nights in Arabic, is an online-only lifestyle magazine and blog that focuses on the lives of Muslim women.

As we progress in the autumn season, with the trees changing colors and the leaves gracefully falling on the ground, we are inspired by the idea of change.

This second issue focuses on change as an opportunity for self-growth and reflection. Yasemin Kanar, popularly known as YaztheSpaz, (on the cover) shows how change is beneficial for the self.  Similar to others in the Webzine who dealt with change, whether through a change in perspective (p. 6) or a change in lifestyle (p. 7, p. 19,), the Muslim community as a whole continuously approaches change.

We would like to invite the Muslim community to the issues that our youth and adults are currently facing.  For example, suicide and life under the foster care system are topics that need to be addressed. Additionally, we should encourage open-mindedness and tolerance when it comes to how others live their lives.

We hope the real-life examples of everyday Muslim women in Layali inspire you to reflect on yourself and the community and encourage positive change!

Keep faith,

Omama Altaleb & Rawan Elbaba

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